Overall, this glamorous palace is filled with amazing things to see and do - the classy location is full of frescoes, sculptures, gold and marble, and of course gambling to make you rich! With overall 700 years of Grimaldi royal history, Monte-Carlo is perfectly placed with world-class opera and casinos, or you can relax and sunbathe on the Larvotto Beach or the Formula 1 Grand Prix excitement. What are you waiting for?

In the area of La Condamine, you have a buzzling street called the Rue Grimaldi, a well known area which is next to the castle and the Place du palais. Next to that, you have the Cathedral and the Musee Oceanographique et aquarium in the area of Monaco-Ville.

If you happen to be a sports fan you can even visit the Monaco football stadium too near Fontvieille. Of course, many who come to Monaco itself is attracted by the Grand Prix which is pretty much at the heart of Monte-Carlo Monaco and the pride of the place. The whole area of Monaco is within walking distance of about 3-5km depending on your route so everything is within reach. I would recommend going around the famous formula one track, where you can literally walk around and enjoy the amazing atmosphere. Literally walk around the track and you will pass by many attractions along the way. The Port Hercule is a fantastic place to stop by, enjoy the lovely scenery and the captivating boats lying splendidly by the harbour. Better yet, climb a few flight of stairs, and you will be able to experience the scintillating views of the whole landscape at Le Rocher.

You will able to discover the old town through the narrow alleyways from the old town, which lead to the picturesque Place Saint Nicolas and Placette Bosio, the Chapel of Mercy, Palais de Justice and the Cathedral, a Roman-Byzantine style building. Naturally, your feet will guide you to the Place du Palais, where every day at precisely 11:55 am before noon the changing of the guard takes place in front of the Princely Palace. The Palais Princier and the Place du Palais is definitely worth a visit to see the and capture the holistic views of Monaco.

Indeed, it wouldn't be a trip to Monte-Carlo without visiting all the famous world renowned historical Casinos, namely the Casino de Monte-Carlo. You don’t have to pay any entrance fees for smaller casinos but have to pay 17 euros to get into the larger Casino to see the ballers play on the famous tables. There is much entertainment and attractions both for gambling and non-gambling, plenty of amazing things to see and explore. Make sure you wear something decent but you don’t need to wear a suit to get in contrary to popular belief and James Bond films. In a way, for the typical tourists, it can be a disappointment not to see James Bond play poker but it is certainly a classy casino unlike any other. The thrill you experience is unparalleled.

The Port is impressive and full of world class boats and ships as you would expect, out of the film from wolf of wall street, it is literally exactly what comes into your imagination when you go there. Don’t forget to snap countless photos of ferraris, lamborghinis passing by and parked casually by restaurants across the town. It is literally full of amazing super cars, particularly near the casinos where it is on show at night for all the tourists to see and prime time for anyone to take photos next to them and pretend to be rich for a few minutes or for the instagram.

Jardin Japonais is a magnificent place of tranquility and peace and you can easily relax and rest in the shade on your journey around Monte-Carlo. The Japanese garden is a small but very place specially in the morning. Unfortunately the peace is no longer there because of the digging for the future island, the project is exciting but it is free to enjoy.

Had enough of walking around the city? Take a well deserved break at the Larvotto beach plage where the beachfront will cool you down and make you feel at home. The sand is more rocky than in Cannes but the view is stunning combining both the metropolitan building with the beach life and the class that is Monaco.

Larvotto beach - sitting by the beach and eating pizza was actually really nice and you can enjoy the views whilst feeding yourself with great food. Of course, if you fancy, try out some of the amazing restaurants near the beachfront but be prepared to pay more. Prices in general for shops are abit more expensive but generally going to a place like Monaco you have to be prepared to pay abit more for a great experience. But as shown, we did it without having to break the bank! If you want to enjoy a more traditional meal near the Casino with great views, the Cafe De Paris is in a very convenient location in Monaco, Cafe de Paris sits right outside the Monte-Carlo Casino. Great view of the Place du Casino with the fountain in the middle and the lovely buildings and gardens in the area.

There is lots of attractions to see near the palace such as the Jardin Exotique which is an exquisite place full of wonderful exotic gardens and scenery, as well as the Port De Fontvielle, with it's crystal clear rocky shores teaming with little fish, its picturesque capitaneria, and it's popper sized yachts it's beautiful approachable port. Best walked at sunset or viewed from the rock high above.

Pick any of the restaurants or bars along your walk to stop for a meal or a drink, you can't go wrong. One can stumble across this area after seeing it from when visiting the old town. It is a very quiet area, with a nice marina and spectacular cliffs up to the old town. There are a few bars and restaurants, a great area is you want some peaceful time.

The Grand Prix

To see the Grand Prix, tickets are hard to come by - for Formula one fans who want to see the sport, the Rocher would be only place where you can see it that wouldn't break the bank. However, compared to a grandstand, comfort levels is rather low, but you can take your own cushion and if it's hot you won't have the sun beating down on you. Do make sure you make them wear earplugs and ear defenders.

Some people will have been there all weekend and will have bagged the best spots, but do go early, it's a great day out, and one you and your family will remember forever, so well worth the effort. Weather permitting, it will be a great experience nonetheless, even a wet race can be more exciting than a dry one in Monaco.

So book now and explore Monaco whether to experience the thrill of Formula one, or to explore the historic places, and gamble your way to fame, I dare say do it and roll the dice!